King Famous somewhere in Los Angeles
Somewhere in Los Angeles. Photo by Dave Kanehann

The Process

Self Titled.

Doing an album on the MPC 1000 was great. The MPC lets you arrange and compose music and is mostly suited for rap. You don't need a computer to do it, you can basically put the MPC on your lap and play away. It is very organic and very soothing. When you get sounds that gel together you can tell that you have something that will last. Other times if things don't work out, it is ok. It is simple enough to save them and move on.

This album was a summing up some of my favorite recordings and fun I had recording and playing in different places.

"Training Everyday" was based on a bass sample I played while crashing with Sven Breakfast in Oakland a few years back, on my original trip to the West Coast.

"Blazing Down 27," "The People," and "Downtown" were all acoustic songs first that I would often play at Tumulty's Pub in New Brunswick, N.J.

"Let's Ride" became one of the most popular tracks on the album. It was a story about me and my friend SEC meeting a pair of Swedish women who were visiting Los Angeles. They had a bright red Mustang they drove us around in all day, and from the moment we met them we had a great time. HCMF helped me produce that track by putting a sick synth riff on it that was magical. SEC came in with a great verse that really brought the story to life.

"Positive Thinking" and "Anything Can Happen" came straight out of New York in the way that "Positive Thinking" was influenced by the one line art master, Sir Shadow, and "Anything Can Happen" came from Mr. Clown.

"Tomorrow Everyday" is a remix of my brother Brad's amazing song of the same title. It is a dreamy song that has one of the best vibes on it. His piano playing and voice all originally recorded at his home studio are both haunting and blissful at the same time. I had to remix this song.

"Hey Friend" is an original song by Schroe, my brother's first band. This song meant a lot to me growing up as my brother was playing music before I was.

Finally, "The Stranger" came out of a long lost love, and being love sick.

After using the MPC to compose all my tracks, I recorded vocals through the MPC as well. I put the vocals on the tracks through Acid, and what came out was a very powerful album with a lot of timeless songs. It was a great accomplishment to release this album, and once I did I decided it would be my last for awhile.

Or would it?

Liner Notes and Thank You

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