Thank You.
King Famous in Studio City, Los Angeles. Photo by Dave Kanehann

Thank You

  • Mom, Dad and Brad
  • Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Herb
  • Cousin Sherry
  • SEC, HCMF, Nina Aaschid
  • Mr. Clown, The Spitshine Kid, Firecamp
  • Sir Shadow, Dan Segall, Brad Rosen
  • Dave Kanehann
  • King Famous King Famous
  • Original Release Date: 2007
  • All words and music by King Famous except where noted below

Recording Notes

"Let's Ride" Features SEC & Keyboard Production by HCMF

"Tomorrow Everyday" originally written by Brad Scheller

"Anything Can Happen" Features Mr. Clown with samples from Firecamp

"Positive Thinking" contains a vocal sample and concepts from Sir Shadow & lyrics by Dan Segall + Keys by Brad Scheller

"Downtown" orginally by The Hacienda Revival

"Hey Friend" originally written by Brad Rosen and Brad Scheller

"The Stranger" contains keyboards by Ralph Axel

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