King Famous in downtown Los Angeles.
King Famous Downtown Los Angeles. Photo by Dave Kanehann

The Album

So I'm in Los Angeles with my guitar and suitcase and I'm starting from scratch.

A friend of mine named Bon Bon was selling my previous album "I Am The Classic" in Los Angeles when I was still on the east coast. One day she called and said "You have enough for a plane ticket - want to move to LA?"

I didn't really have any plans to make another album. I had visited LA some years ago on my way back from Japan before playing New Years Eve at the Cloud Factory in Oakland. I sort of knew what I was getting into, but not really. There is a cultural difference between the East and West coast of America.

Looking at my life as it was in the East, I had just finished up doing an off Broadway run of King Lear, and my artist in residence was over in New York. I didn't really have the urge to pursue acting full time, I just wanted to do what I always did - which was follow my heart and do projects that were my choice. So once I saw that things were wrapping themselves up in New York, Los Angeles seemed like a nice place to go.

As time went on crashing with Bon Bon, I realized I really didn't know her. Because I wasn't really on my feet, my daily music ritual was playing the guitar and singing. I didn't have a drum set, and I wasn't really conscious about making a new album.

Eventually things fell apart with Bon Bon. Lucky for me Uncle Dave happened to live next door, just one apartment complex down from where I was. The joke with Uncle Dave was that he had let nearly every friend I had crash with him when they were new to Los Angeles. I took Uncle Dave up on his offer when he told me if I ever needed to crash, to let him know.

By the time I moved in with Uncle Dave, I had secured a job designing adult websites and shooting adult video for a large corporation just outside The Valley. With no car I took the bus everyday and finally found an apartment of my own to move into.

For about a year and a half, I worked all day, boxed in the afternoon and played and recorded music at night. That has really always been my schedule, but I wasn't really working on an album. HCMF rolled through town one day. We drove in the worst LA traffic to go to Sam Ash to pick up the MPC 1000.

It had been some years since I learned and recorded with the MPC 2000 on my first album (Versus The Robot Factory), but I figured I would pick it up again and get going. And that is exactly what happened.

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